FAQ – Bible or Christian College

Sheaves for Christ Bible/Christian College Scholarship Applicant Requirements and Scholarship Availability:

Q: Who can apply for a SFC Bible/Christian College scholarship?

  • US or Canadian Citizen
  • Under 25 years of age on February 1st
  • Full-time Bible College student
  • Do not have to live on college campus

Q: How many SFC Bible/Christian College scholarships are available?
ANS: This is determined yearly based on Sheaves for Christ offering allocation.

Q: How much are SFC Bible/Christian College scholarships worth?
ANS: The SFC Scholarship for Level One recipients is $2,500.00, and for Level Two recipients is $1,500.00.

Sheaves for Christ Bible/Christian College Scholarship Application Deadline and Requirements:

Q: How do I submit my SFC Bible/Christian College scholarship application?
ANS: Beginning 2016-2017 school year all SFC scholarships will be submitted online.

Q: What is the SFC Bible/Christian College scholarship application deadline?
ANS: February 1st of the year prior to enrollment.

Q: What information is required for the SFC Bible/Christian College scholarship application?

  • Completed online application form.
  • FAFSA – Student Aid Report (US students) / CanLearn (Canadian students)
  • Two of three reference forms submitted online.
  • Current transcripts

Q: How do I know what my “District” is?

  • Your district is usually your state—Arkansas District, Missouri District, etc. However, there are several exceptions—Texas, New York, New Jersey, California, etc. For example, if you live in the state of Texas you can either be part of the Texas District, North Texas District, Texico District, or South Texas District. The state of California can be the Western District or Southern California (So Cal) District. New York State can be New York District or New York Metro District. There are several other exceptions.
  • If you are not certain which district your area is considered to be a part of you can ask your pastor, section leader, or district youth president. You can also contact the UPCI headquarters in Weldon Spring, MO at 636-229-7900.

Q: What information is needed for “Scholastic History”?
ANS: List your high school and any college(s) you have attended, GPA, dates attended, date graduated, and degree/diploma received.

New Life Christian School  
August 2007-May 2011   
May 18, 2011    
High School Diploma   

Florissant Valley College
August 2012 – May 2014
May 15, 2014
Associates in Biology

Q: What is a GPA?
ANS: GPA—Grade Point Average

Q: How do I find out what my GPA is?
ANS: Your school/college or the institution that processes your homeschool materials should be able to provide you with your official GPA.

Q: What information is needed for “Employment History”?
ANS: Your current or last held job and two previous jobs, dates employed (or approximate dates), whether you were full or part-time, and your job title and job description.

December 2012 – June 2013
Sales clerk
Women’s clothing: Stocked shelves, assisted customers, etc.  Work register, stock food items, etc.

Panera Bread
July 2013 – Present
Filled orders, ran register, stocked supplies, etc.

Q: What if I have never had a job?
ANS: Type “N/A” into the field for “Employment History.”

Sheaves for Christ Scholarship Reference Forms Questions:

Q: How many reference forms are required?

  • Pastoral Reference Form is required for all applicants.
  • Scholastic and/or Employer Reference Form – if possible, include both.
  • If you have not held a job, the Employer Reference Form is not required.

Q: If I was homeschooled, who can fill out my Scholastic Reference Form?
ANS: The person that oversees the homeschool process, a Sunday School teacher, music teacher, or other types of teachers are all acceptable references.

Q: Will my application be approved without a reference form?

  • The Pastoral Reference Form is required. Your application will be considered incomplete if it is not received by our office.
  • One or both the Employer and/or Scholastic Forms are required.

Q: How will my pastor, employer, and school receive reference forms?
ANS: Once you apply for a SFC Scholarship you will receive an email with links to each reference form. It is your responsibility to email the reference forms to your pastor, employer, and/or school.

SFC Bible/Christian College Scholarship General Information Questions:

Sheaves for Christ Scholarship Awards and Payment Information Questions:

Q: How will I know if I am a recipient of a SFC Scholarship?
ANS: The UPCI YM will mail a letter to each applicant informing them whether or not they will receive a SFC Scholarship.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How will I know if my SFC application has been received by the UPCI Youth Ministries?
ANS: You will receive an email confirmation once you submit the application online.

Q: How will I know if my reference forms, transcripts, etc. have been received by UPCI YM?
ANS: The UPCI YM will email you about any missing information and request that you follow-up to ensure its submission to our office.

Q: What can I do if none of the Frequently Asked Questions have answered my question?
ANS: If you have any other questions not explained above, feel free to contact our office at youth@upci.org.

SFC Bible College Scholarship Transcript Questions:

Q: Are transcripts required?
ANS: Yes, we must receive a copy of your transcripts in order for your application to be considered complete.

Q: Where do I obtain a copy of my transcripts?

  • It is requested that whoever fills out your Scholastic Reference Form submits an official copy of your transcripts. However, these may also be submitted directly from the school office.
  • If you are home-schooled, the person that processes your grades or the institution that processes your tests should be able to supply you with a copy of your transcripts and GPA.

Q: How do I submit my transcripts?
ANS: Transcripts can be submitted with the Scholastic Reference Form or emailed to youth@upci.org.

Q: If I choose to submit an employer reference form only how do I submit my transcripts?
ANS: Transcripts can be submitted via email to youth@upci.org.

SFC Bible College Scholarship ACT/SAT/Provincial Exams Questions:

Q: Do I have to have an ACT/SAT/Provincial Exam score to apply for a SFC Bible College scholarship?

  • If you are a Bible College Freshman you need to include your ACT/SAT/Provincial Exam scores.
  • Bible College Upperclassman should include your ACT/SAT/Provincial Exam scores.

Q: Where can I get a copy of my ACT/SAT/Provincial Exam scores?

  • When you take your ACT/SAT/Provincial Exam, you can request that a copy be sent to the UPCI Youth Ministries.
  • Your high school/home school institute or college should have a copy of your ACT/SAT/Provincial Exam scores.

Q: What if I didn’t take my ACT/SAT/Provincial Exams due to the fact that they were not required by my school/state/college?
ANS: Include a letter of explanation along with your application as to why the ACT/SAT/Provincial Exam scores were not included.

Q: How do I submit my ACT/SAT scores?
ANS: Your ACT/SAT scores can be submitted with your online application or email a copy to youth@upci.org.

SFC Bible College Scholarship FAFSA (SAR)/CanLearn Questions:

Q: What does FAFSA stand for?
ANS: Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Q: What does SAR stand for?
ANS: Student Aid Report

Q: Is FAFSA (SAR)/CanLearn information required?
ANS: Yes

Q: How do I apply for FAFSA/CanLearn?

United States applicants are required to complete the FAFSA. Further information and application submission can be found online at www.fafsa.ed.gov.

CanLearn Student Loan Estimator: Canadian applicants are required to complete the Student Loan Estimator provided by CanLearn. This estimator is available online through www.canlearn.ca.

Q: What if I do not have my current tax information for the FAFSA/CanLearn application?
ANS: You can use the previous year’s information to fill out the FAFSA/CanLearn application.

Q: The FAFSA does not recognize Bible Colleges; how do I complete the application?
ANS: You can substitute another school with a similar tuition fee on the application.

Q: Do I have to send in an official copy of the FAFSA/CanLearn results?

  • No. You can apply for the FAFSA/CanLearn information online. Submit your report with your online application or via email to youth@upci.org.
  • You can also request that a copy be mailed to our office if it will arrive by February 1st of the applicable year.
  • Make certain the Estimated Family Contribution Number (EFC) is included on confirmation or report.

Sheaves for Christ Bible College Scholarship Reference Forms Questions:

Q: When do my SFC Bible College scholarship application reference forms need to be submitted?
ANS: At least two of the three reference forms must be submitted no later than February 1.

Sheaves for Christ Bible College Scholarship Information Questions:

Q: For the “Academic Budget Projection,” is this information to be exact totals and how long are the totals to cover?

  • Estimate approximate total costs for each section of the “Budget Projection” —Tuition and Fees, Transportation, Room and Board, Personal Expenses, and Financial Resources (Income).
  • You should estimate approximate total costs for one academic year.

Q: What if I do not know the cost of tuition for my Bible College of choice for the Budget Projection of the SFC application?
ANS: You must contact the Bible College you wish to attend and ask them for this information. You can go to their website or contact the admissions office.

Q: Do I have to mark more than one Bible College on the “Academic Interests” page?
ANS: No. If you know what Bible College you are attending select only that college and mark all other colleges N/A. If you are unsure as to which Bible College you will be attending, you can select up to three choices in preference order 1-3 and mark the rest N/A.

Q: On the “Academic Interests” section, how do I fill in the section that reads, “This fall, I will be in the ___ year of a ___year curriculum?

  1. “I will be in the ___year of a ___ year curriculum..” This refers to which year of the program—are you in your Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior year, and how many total years will it take you to complete the curriculum (1, 2, 3, 4, etc).
  2. “…expect to graduate in the ___ (month) of 20__ with a _________ degree in ______________ major” This refers to the month and year you estimate will be your graduation date, what degree you will receive upon graduation ,and in what major your degree will be in.

Answer Examples:

  1. Freshmen, 2 years
    Junior, 4 years
  2. May, 2018
    Associates in Pastoral Studies
    May, 2020
    Batchelors in Teaching

Q: What if I do not know what my degree or major is?
ANS: You can go to the Bible College’s website or contact the administration office.

Q: How do I know if I am a Bible College freshman or upperclassman?

  • If you are graduating from high school you will be considered a Bible College freshman.
  • If you have attended/graduated from college, contact the Bible College admissions office and ask them if you are considered a freshman or upperclassman—this will depend upon the number of credits you will transfer or what type of Bible College program you are applying for.

SFC Bible College Scholarship Awards and Payment Information Questions:

Q: How will the Bible School of my choice know that I am a SFC Scholarship recipient?
ANS: The UPCI YM will mail a letter to each Bible College informing them of the SFC recipients for their college.

Q: Do I receive the full SFC Scholarship amount once I am informed that I am a recipient?
ANS: No. The scholarship payments are divided in half. The first payment will be received upon enrollment. The second payment will be received once you meet the 3.0 GPA requirements.

Q: How are SFC Scholarships awarded?
ANS: SFC Scholarships are graded by members of the General Youth Committee. Each area of the application is graded and the accumulative grade is the determining factor.  Those with the highest accumulative grade will be eligible to receive a scholarship. The UPCI Executive Board must approve the list of recipients.

Q: When will I receive the SFC Scholarship payment?

  • You must enroll in Bible College. Upon enrollment, ask your registrar to write the UPCI YM a letter confirming your enrollment. Once we receive an enrollment confirmation letter, we will send the Bible College a check for the first semester payment (equal to half the total scholarship).
  • At the end of your first semester or beginning of your second semester of Bible College, remind your registrar to send the UPCI YM a letter and copy of your transcripts. If you meet the GPA requirements—outlined on page 4-Section V of the SFC Scholarship Application Guidelines—we will send the Bible College a check for the second semester payment (equal to half the total scholarship).

Other Frequently Asked SFC Bible College Scholarship Questions:

Q: Can I mail in my SFC Bible College scholarship application, reference forms, and transcripts?
ANS: No. As of the 2016-2017 school year the SFC scholarship application and references will be submitted online.